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Getting Naked For Cancer

November 6, 2006

Catchy subject line, isn’t it?

Back in January, a friend of mine had an idea to help a friend of hers who had recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Sex sells, we all know this, so why not sell the idea of it to raise money for something important — like helping to pay for cancer meds. And so she came up with Lime Suckers — a group of volunteers some whom were getting naked and some of whom were wrangling photos and text and websites and all of whom were in it to help someone beat cancer.

I wrangled text and people who deal with text. I’m also an alternate model so you might wind up seeing me on a Lime Sucker product sometime. It’s not fiber-related, but it some things are more important than even yarn.

This totally freaks me out. But it also speaks to the depth of dedication involved with this project. You don’t know Heather. But chances are good you know someone whose life was affected by cancer.  I didn’t know Heather before this project. But I do know that helping, even in this small way, is a good thing. It’s a tangible thing that donations to cancer research (while those are fantastic) can’t accomplish.

You can pre-order a calendar here.

There’s something for everyone in this calendar. All shapes, all sizes, all real bodies.  It’s tasteful and fun. And naked.  And all proceeds go directly into Heather’s account so that she can concentrate on beating this disease without being beaten by financial collapse.

And if you’d pimp this in your own blogs, that would be pretty awesome as well.  Just please leave a comment so we can keep track of where we’re showing up!


Busy busy busy

November 2, 2006

So much has been going on…. And I don’t know even where to begin talking about it! Perhaps a list.

1. My boyfriend just moved in with me.

2. Handdyed, handstenciled tights and socks.

3. A pirate ship built at work for the department party.

4. Stalled out on my Sock Wars socks but have not yet been killed.

5. Trying to adjust to an apartment full of boxes and two angry cats.

Yeah, that’s about right. There’s more stuff that’s been going on but since I’m still in the thick of most of it…. And to top it all off, I feel like sewing but there’s no room to set up my sewing machine at the moment. And I can’t find my camera in the mess and chaos of boxes and bags and STUFF.

Everyday Creativity

September 11, 2006

In response to one of my recent posts, Melissa joked about being surprised EVERYONE didn’t knit every day. You know, she’s right — it IS like OCD.

I’ve been thinking about that ever since.  WHY don’t I knit every day?

It’s not a lack of projects. It’s not that I don’t love yarn. It’s not even a lack of time, as a general rule.

For me, it’s that there are too many OTHER fabulous and creative things to do. I can’t pick just one.

I knit. I spin. I dye. I crochet. I sew. I make hairsticks. And belts. And purses. And boxes. I do papercraft. I write. I edit. I alter. I deconstruct. I make collage assemblages. I make books. I make wings. I make dolls and tiaras and, sometimes, excuses.


And I do this every night.

See, I don’t watch television. I haven’t had cable since 1995, when I moved out of my grandparents’ house and went away to college.  It’s not like I’ve been completely unexposed to television since then but it isn’t a part of my normal evening’s activities.

That… frees up a lot of time.

Seriously, I know a lot of people do STUFF while they watch television, but if it isn’t something I’ve seen a hundred times before, I tend to pay more attention to what is on tv than what is in my hands.

So, I come home, I turn on music or a movie I’ve watched 100+ times (The Lord of the Rings extended editions are a perennial favorite), and start making things. I make things almost every night.

Lately, I’ve been sewing a lot. It’s hard to get satisfactory pictures of the things that I’m sewing because I don’t have a tripod and my cat just isn’t a good photographer. Everything is shot from floor level and there’s almost always a whisker or two in frame.

Anyway. If I was just a knitter or just a sewer or just a paper arts person, I’d be better, I’m sure, at that one thing and a LOT more productive. But each process, for me, informs all the others.

Crochet and knitting really bounce off of each other in my head. They are so similar in so many ways, but really different in very fundamental ways. Ooooh, I’m so deep! They are the same but different! *snort* What I really mean is that I use them for different things — knitting produces wonderful drapey fabric but it doesn’t have the same BODY, to me, as crochet. Crochet is perfect for freeform three dimensional objects. I play with both crafts and use them depending on the needs of my project.

Color theory from painting and collage assembly comes to play when I am spinning and plying and dyeing. Texture moves from sewing to papercraft.  Detail work travels from bookbinding to altering clothing.

So, I don’t knit every day. But I create. And I think that’s important. Like, really important. When I’m not making SOMETHING, I start to feel stale. Working on a project opens a window and lets in the fresh air.

Sometimes I do wish I could watch Project Runway, though. *grin*

Stenciled Goodness

September 9, 2006

Yesterday, after I read about Grumperina‘s wonderful results with freezer paper stencils, I smacked myself on the forehead for forgetting that they exist. Then I started searching google images for inspiration.

Somewhere in the midst of my search, it occurred to me that I don’t own an iron. Rather than stop on the way home and buy one, I decided to use contact paper. I know some people have a problem with the paint bleeding when they use contact paper stencils, but I’ve not had that problem. I think it’s because I place the stencil, rub it firmly onto the fabric, and then blast it with hot air from the hair dryer. Seems to help keep those edges a bit more secure.

I found several images that really appealed to me and I printed them out. Then, once I was at home, I didn’t really like them anymore. I broke out the sharpie markers and some scrap cardboard for doodling and then started freehanding my own versions of the images I had liked.

For the record? It’s a bad idea to use a razor knife shortly after taking yet another dose of cold medicine. I’m a little knicked up at this point. Still, I think the results might be worth a little band aid or two.

Given my love of tentacles, I knew I needed something with a jellyfish on it. There will definitely be more things emblazoned with octopods and cuttlefish and squid, but I wanted to start with the humble, oft-forgotten jellyfish.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! Of course, I couldn’t really imagine ONLY making shirts for myself. Shirts for a couple of my friends are in the works. One of them is already done.

Do you have that sort of best friend with whom you are ridonkulously silly? JT and I make chicken noises at each other. We’ve done it for years. I… I have no idea how or when it started. Maybe with her comment that chickens are very efficient (after all, we use nearly every bit of them).

I may need to make another chicken shirt for myself.

And one with a sheep. And an alpaca. And a skein of yarn with some knitting needles….

Birthday Fundage

September 1, 2006

I have $50 in birthday money (I turn 29 tomorrow) and it’s burning a hole in my pocket like whoa!

Now the question is, what do I buy? Yarn? I DO still need yarn for the Simple Knitted Bodice. Fabric? I HAVE been making a lot of clothes lately. Clothes? I AM in love with

Decisions, decisions!

Any recommendations?

Thank you, Tropical Storm Ernesto.

August 29, 2006

No work tomorrow; the building is closed.

I’m taking work home, but I’m also looking forward to just sitting on my sofa and knitting. Cat, rain, some movie I’ve seen a hundred (or more) times before, knitting. Sounds like a good day to me.

Now I wish I had ordered my yarn for the Simple Knitted Bodice ages ago. Instead, I am still dithering over colors and will not be able to knit on it tomorrow.

Woes, woes.

I love days off in the middle of the week. This is the Florida equivalent of the snow day.

Shiny Mud Balls

August 22, 2006

Today, I am utterly fascinated by dorodango. They really are, quite simply, shiny balls of mud. Japanese school children make them.

This article provides more information about their history.

I may need to stop at Home Depot on the way home… to buy some dirt.


August 17, 2006

I have flipped through Mason-Dixon Knitting. And I wanted to like it, really I did.

You know, it’s just EVERYWHERE in the blogworld.

And while there were some cute things in the book (I am, I admit, enamored of the rag balls), WTF is up with everyone knitting dishcloths?

Is is because they have been labelled “warshrags” (which is just unbearably kitschy)? I mean, I’m southern. My greatgrandmother called them warshrags in a completely unironic way. This just seems so contrived.

And knitted dishcloths? I’m not sure I buy into this idea anyway. I use a scrubby sponge that gets thrown out when it starts to get grungy. I realize this isn’t the most eco-friendly technique, but I also don’t see myself washing a dishcloth after every use, which is what it would take for me to not think the dishcloth was a vile, mold-ridden sop of moisture.

There’s a lot of dampness in the air here, though. Maybe it works for drier climates.

But, seriously. Knit them if you like. But don’t expect me to be impressed by your many, many large photos. It is, essentially, a gauge swatch.

Am I being harsh? Maybe I am. I don’t really like judging other people’s projects. Just… so many dishcloths! Argh!

Sock it to me.

August 10, 2006

I’ve totally ripped the pirate socks and I’m sitting down and doing something I hate. Math. Well, I don’t hate math, not really, but I hate trying to make numbers work with knitting. Grrr.

In the meantime, I’m going to practice that Widdershins toe-up heel flap. See, I have yarn and everything!

Of course, I haven’t BEGUN the sock yet. But I will do that tonight. The shawl is continuing apace, but I really feel like making socks. Maybe because of the sock yarn I bought on ebay?

Man, that stuff is like a Valentine’s Love Letter to my toes. I can’t wait!


But, seriously, check out these colors!

Now I just have to do the math to make my preferred number of stitches work with the generic Widdershins pattern….

The Weekend, During Which I Reacquainted Myself With The Sewing Machine

August 7, 2006

I always have a list of things I mean to make. Sometimes I even go so far as to buy the supplies, even knowing I am not going to get around to it for a while. Or, I have the best of intentions and I MEAN to start right away and just never get around to it.

That’s usually how it is with sewing projects. Sewing teaches me patience, because it is NOT an instant gratification craft. Even when I can finish something in one sitting…. There’s just so many little fiddly things to do!

But, I don’t know why, this weekend I pulled out the sewing machine and went to town.

First, I made a sleeve for my ipod.

That’s blue glittery vinyl — a nice heavy weight — and a sort of sea foam green duponi silk as the inner bag.

Then I made a sleeve for my laptop.

That’s red glittery vinyl — it’s such a hot color — and hot pink duponi silk for the inner bag and ties.

I also started…. Ages ago, I made this really quick and simple vinyl skirt. We were going out that night and I needed something quick. It was fine for that evening, but I’ve been wanting to do something with it ever since. So, before I started sewing, I went and got a bunch of zippers.

It’s not finished yet — I’ve got two more zippers left to set. But it’s going to be a VERY cool skirt, if I do say so myself!

I also made a really quick brown sort of eyelet-ish skirt. I feel very Little House on the Prairie.  It’s tres cute. Unfortunately, the picture I took in the mirror was far, FAR too dark. So you will have to take my word for it on the cute thing.

But, look! I am wearing red stable boots! It’s sort of retro-Western meets Whatever Is In My Closet. Dig the fishnets.

And, just because I’ve had the yarn forever, I also started knitting a shawl. A shawl for ME! A shawl of delicious mohair, lovely blues and greens and purples all spiralling together.

I’m using the pattern from The Dream Swatch, but I’ve widened it and I’ll knit until I run out of yarn and/or it is long enough for me to wrap myself up.

I feel like I’m so very busy! Really, I’m not.