Me, Myself, and, of course, I.

You know that song Oscar the Grouch sings, the one about loving trash? 

That's me. But with fiber.

See, I don't care if it's roving or sliver or uncombed locks or already spun yarn or paper pulp. I love it. Because fiber, in all its many forms, is pretty awesome stuff. 

Hi. My name is Marianne and I'm addicted to fiber. I spin, knit, crochet, alter books, make books, sew, make art dolls, and do whatever else I decide to try doing. The common theme? Fiber. I mean, who needs just one hobby when you can have a whole bunch of hobbies all related to one theme?

And so, here I am, a 28 year-old professional woman. Editor by day, fiber artist by the-rest-of-the-time. My degree is in Creative Writing, and I passionately believe in the value of story.

All of these fibers? They are just telling my story.

Welcome. It's nice to meet you. 


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