Getting Naked For Cancer

Catchy subject line, isn’t it?

Back in January, a friend of mine had an idea to help a friend of hers who had recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Sex sells, we all know this, so why not sell the idea of it to raise money for something important — like helping to pay for cancer meds. And so she came up with Lime Suckers — a group of volunteers some whom were getting naked and some of whom were wrangling photos and text and websites and all of whom were in it to help someone beat cancer.

I wrangled text and people who deal with text. I’m also an alternate model so you might wind up seeing me on a Lime Sucker product sometime. It’s not fiber-related, but it some things are more important than even yarn.

This totally freaks me out. But it also speaks to the depth of dedication involved with this project. You don’t know Heather. But chances are good you know someone whose life was affected by cancer.  I didn’t know Heather before this project. But I do know that helping, even in this small way, is a good thing. It’s a tangible thing that donations to cancer research (while those are fantastic) can’t accomplish.

You can pre-order a calendar here.

There’s something for everyone in this calendar. All shapes, all sizes, all real bodies.  It’s tasteful and fun. And naked.  And all proceeds go directly into Heather’s account so that she can concentrate on beating this disease without being beaten by financial collapse.

And if you’d pimp this in your own blogs, that would be pretty awesome as well.  Just please leave a comment so we can keep track of where we’re showing up!


3 Responses to “Getting Naked For Cancer”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I will link to your entry regarding the calendar on my blog. What brave, wonderful women you all are!

  2. Marianne Says:

    Thank you very much. Heather is the brave one, I think.

    Though, I admit, while I NEVER imagined myself as a fat woman having cheesecake pictures taken, it was an incredibly body-empowering experience.

  3. watkinsmay65862 Says:

    Aashikon ko mohabbat ke alava agar kuchh kaam hota,nToh maikhane jake har roz yun badnam na hota,nMil jaati chahne wali usse bhi kahin raa Click

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