Bad Idea

So, rushing through a whole sock, even if it was in the delicious Lime and Violet colorway from Lisa Souza, even if it WAS knit on 2s, the other weekend was not a good idea. It was an especially bad idea to do that right before Sock Wars. It was an even more especially bad idea to do that right before Sock Wars and to still be swatching like mad for a very cool blanket idea I have.

My left elbow HURTS.

Also, if you like the Lime and Violet podcast and/or the Lime and Violet colorway in the Lisa Souza sock yarn that I have posted about in the recent past…. Join our knitalong!


It really is going to totally rock. There’s no specific project, just the yarn as a common thread. Pun, totally intended. And there are prizes. Oh, yes, prizes.

More details as soon as my left elbow stops hurting!


4 Responses to “Bad Idea”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Ah, gotta love intended puns!

  2. Sheri Says:

    I’ve been knitting other things besides my Sock Wars sock, too. Must get my head in the game…..

    I’ll be interested to see how your Lime & Violet socks turn out!

  3. melissa Says:

    hope your elbow feels better! you need to work up to these things you know!

    i didn’t knit for two days a week or two ago and my fingers hurt from NOT knitting. it really is quite crazy that i have gotten to this point.

  4. nina aka betta avonite Says:

    hi there! i’m somewhere down the line of assassins and i think my target never got her dossier with your address. i’m trying to aleviate the missing info situation by emailing you and visiting your site. by the way, love the projects seen here. i’m also confirming the target line. you’re target is oodaday, right?
    your assassin is nishanna? if this is correct could you please email me to confirm and give me your address? i’m at easim at hotmail dot com.

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