The Urge

Do you ever go more than a few days without knitting (if you don’t, you might not have any idea what I’m talking about here)? You’re doing other projects and you get distracted by sewing or beading or whatnot. You work late and come home too tired to focus your eyes. You spend a holiday weekend with someone you don’t get to see very often and you both run around doing a hundred differen things that do not involve sitting down and working on ANYTHING.

And all of a sudden it’s been two weeks since you picked up the knitting needles.

Now there aren’t enough knitting podcasts or knitting blogs in the world to satisfy you. Lime & Violet only broadcast once a week and you’ve listened to the new episode already. Grumperina is on vacation.

This is when I turn to ebay. I search for sock yarns and drool over the yarn that I cannot afford to buy right now. I do a search just for Lorna’s Laces and try to decide if I really want to give the yarn a try, even though the colors don’t really thrill me. I’ve heard so much about this yarn, you know.

And, really, all I want is to head home and pick up some knitting. My fingers are itching for it now.

Knitting really IS like crack!


2 Responses to “The Urge”

  1. Jessi Says:

    Yes, but indecision paralyzes me!!! I should just open the big box labeled YARN and have done with it.

    I can vouch for Lorna’s Laces. I made a lacey scarf for my mom with it and it is very soft and pleasing to work with. My mom got me a ball of the “ember” colorway, but i haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I think mitts of some sort, since i’m now in the frozen north!

  2. melissa Says:

    what, everyone doesn’t knit every single day? apparently i must be past addiction, i thinks it’s more like an ocd!

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