I am a liar.

I am in love.

Seriously, you know how yesterday I said I didn’t knit to relax, that I’m a tense knitter, that my stitches are all mad tight?

That pink and red yarn that I bought on ebay? The big, lovely hank from Over the Rainbow Yarns? It has changed my life, if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.

Okay, maybe it hasn’t changed my entire life, but it is SO wonderful and SO amazing that everything I said about being a stressed out knitter does not apply when I am knitting with this yarn.

People, I use metal DPNs because I break the wooden ones in that size. My DPNs are all bent from how tightly I grip them.

But that isn’t a problem here. No, this yarn is soft, it is squooshy, it is lofty, and it is a sheer pleasure to knit.

Obviously, I didn’t get any work done on the Honeycomb Sock. See, I was just going to swatch….

And then I had to wind the whole thing into a ball. And, then, well, I don’t really have any excuse. Just the wonderful rhythm of relaxed stitches gliding across my needles.

Is it time for me to go home and knit some more?


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