Because Nothing Can Be Simple

So, Friday I left work with my yarn and my needles and my good intentions. I was just going to knit a simple sock to try out the Widdershins heel. Nothing complicated. Maybe a bit of ribbing to keep things from getting too dull.

And then I sat down with my lovely round toe and lost my ever-lovin’ mind.

That is the delicious texture of a honeycomb cable pattern. It’s pretty simple; it’s kind of fiddly. It also slows down the knitting by a LOT. There are three plain rows in between each cable row and it’s pretty amazing how fast those three rows go.

That is the bottom of the foot. With perfectly serviceable stripes provided by the self-striping yarn I’m using. What’s wrong with those stripes? Absolutely nothing? Why couldn’t I be satisfied with just those stripes? I have no idea.

You know, I’m complaining, but I’m really only complaining every fourth row. I’m using 5 DPNs to make these and throwing a cable needle in the mix just…. *sigh* Too many needles!

The other thing…. You know how people talk about knitting as a relaxing thing that they do? I don’t knit for relaxation. I knit because it gives me something to focus on other than all the OTHER stuff swirling around in my head. The knitting yells more loudly than the other things over which I find myself obsessing.

This does not make for relaxed knitting. Indeed, one could say, my stitches are kind of tight. Particularly when on a small scale such as, oh, say, SOCKS. So here I have 80 tiny stitches on size 1 DPNs with a cable needle tangling up in things and now I have to cross stitches over each other to form the texture?

What WAS I thinking?

I was thinking that it’s just the coolest, squishy texture ever and it draws the sock up nicely so that it fits wonderfully over all the different planes and angles and curves of my foot. I was thinking that the honeycombs line up almost perfectly with the predetermined length of the stripes. I was thinking that at least I wouldn’t get bored with knitting tons and tons of 4×2 ribbing.

I was thinking that this would make a really neat patternf or the back of the heel flap….

And, really, all my complaints aside, it works up more quickly than I expected. I can’t work on it for too long in one sitting because wrestling the tight stitches leaves dents in my fingers and a suspicious ache between the bones in my hands, but those three magic plain rows make it easy to convince myself to do just one more repeat.

And now I’m at the point where I can begin increasing for my gusset. Now things get even more interesting! I keep reading over the pattern and I think I have a handle on the method of construction, but there’s nothing like actually sitting down and KNITTING it to really see how it works. And I’m already pretty sure that I want to change a few things. I don’t like the make1 increase, so I’ll probaby use a k1f&b, which would be in keeping with the increases on my round toe as well. I like that sort of thing.

So, who knows, this might be a much faster knit than I think!

Of course, I haven’t gotten to the leg portion yet….


One Response to “Because Nothing Can Be Simple”

  1. melissa Says:

    even with all your trials, i’m sure they are going to be one kick ass pair of socks! the colors are great!

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