Sock it to me.

I’ve totally ripped the pirate socks and I’m sitting down and doing something I hate. Math. Well, I don’t hate math, not really, but I hate trying to make numbers work with knitting. Grrr.

In the meantime, I’m going to practice that Widdershins toe-up heel flap. See, I have yarn and everything!

Of course, I haven’t BEGUN the sock yet. But I will do that tonight. The shawl is continuing apace, but I really feel like making socks. Maybe because of the sock yarn I bought on ebay?

Man, that stuff is like a Valentine’s Love Letter to my toes. I can’t wait!


But, seriously, check out these colors!

Now I just have to do the math to make my preferred number of stitches work with the generic Widdershins pattern….


4 Responses to “Sock it to me.”

  1. Monica Says:

    A partial fleece wouldn’t take up as much room… Just sayin’. 😉

  2. Dipsy Says:

    Oy! But I’m sure you’re going to make it! Thumbs up! And I love the colors!

  3. einsteinella Says:

    Please, Please, Puh-LEEZE! Post your math for 80 sts for Widdershins!! I too knit my socks 80 st on size 0 addis, and just thinking about trying to do the conversion was making my head explode!! I have chubby feet, having been a nurse for 26 years, it is a wonder I have any feet left! I was going to use the 58 st, but would have had to use size 4’s. Not good. I am knitting myself kneesocks on size 0. Staring at the knee with 150 st, gradually dec to 90 at the ankle, but in 10 short inches! I have been told I resemble a Shetland pony, short, but sturdy; built for distance, not for speed. Nothing wrong with that!!

  4. Yarn Bazaar Says:

    Knitting beautiful crafts is such a nice thing work for. Creating beautiful and elegant looking scarfs, hats , pants and many more using yarn is a great idea to spend your vacant time.

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