The Weekend, During Which I Reacquainted Myself With The Sewing Machine

I always have a list of things I mean to make. Sometimes I even go so far as to buy the supplies, even knowing I am not going to get around to it for a while. Or, I have the best of intentions and I MEAN to start right away and just never get around to it.

That’s usually how it is with sewing projects. Sewing teaches me patience, because it is NOT an instant gratification craft. Even when I can finish something in one sitting…. There’s just so many little fiddly things to do!

But, I don’t know why, this weekend I pulled out the sewing machine and went to town.

First, I made a sleeve for my ipod.

That’s blue glittery vinyl — a nice heavy weight — and a sort of sea foam green duponi silk as the inner bag.

Then I made a sleeve for my laptop.

That’s red glittery vinyl — it’s such a hot color — and hot pink duponi silk for the inner bag and ties.

I also started…. Ages ago, I made this really quick and simple vinyl skirt. We were going out that night and I needed something quick. It was fine for that evening, but I’ve been wanting to do something with it ever since. So, before I started sewing, I went and got a bunch of zippers.

It’s not finished yet — I’ve got two more zippers left to set. But it’s going to be a VERY cool skirt, if I do say so myself!

I also made a really quick brown sort of eyelet-ish skirt. I feel very Little House on the Prairie.  It’s tres cute. Unfortunately, the picture I took in the mirror was far, FAR too dark. So you will have to take my word for it on the cute thing.

But, look! I am wearing red stable boots! It’s sort of retro-Western meets Whatever Is In My Closet. Dig the fishnets.

And, just because I’ve had the yarn forever, I also started knitting a shawl. A shawl for ME! A shawl of delicious mohair, lovely blues and greens and purples all spiralling together.

I’m using the pattern from The Dream Swatch, but I’ve widened it and I’ll knit until I run out of yarn and/or it is long enough for me to wrap myself up.

I feel like I’m so very busy! Really, I’m not.


One Response to “The Weekend, During Which I Reacquainted Myself With The Sewing Machine”

  1. Jessi Says:

    oooooooooo shiney!!! you are such a productive girl lately. Lurve the mohair, it’s fit for a mermaid queen.

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