Another Item Added to My Action List

So, I’ve been waiting for this pattern to become available. And this morning? It totally was! I, of course, purchased the pattern immediately.

Of course, now I have to find roughly 2000 yards of a suitable yarn.

(I’m a big girl. *shrug* What, I’m not supposed to have nice stuff because I have not yet lost weight?)

I’ve looked at various silk yarns, which are comparable to the Tilli Thomas used for the model sweater. I’ve looked at soy silk and bamboo and banana silk. I’ve looked at blends.

And I’ve even considered just throwing up my hands and using the Knitpicks Wool of the Andes.

Heh, for a buck seventy-nine….

And now I’ve reached information overload. I am no closer to picking a yarn for this than I was BEFORE they published the pattern.

And yet, I love this sweater so much. I think it would look good on me, even though I am not mad skinny like the girls in the photos. I think it would be fun to knit, with its all-in-one construction and its empire waist and lace details.

Before I start this, I have my extra-long pair of Fetching to finish. I have the pirate socks to totally rip out and start again. I can do this sweater and pirate socks at the same time, right?

Man, I LOVE this sweater.


5 Responses to “Another Item Added to My Action List”

  1. julia fc Says:

    oooooh, that is a good one. I love the idea of a silk sweater, but that neck . . . I’d worry about the yarn needing some structure to stand up to it. Keep some wool in there. Man that’s great looking.

  2. sarkasmo Says:

    That is a beautiful sweater, and I think it would flatter a full figure even better than the skinny girl in the photos. I googled Tilly Tomas and found that the yarns used to make those sweaters are 100% silk with beads built right in. (Pictures here)

    Like Julia was mentioning, I don’t know how the neckline would hold up if you can’t block the heck out of it like with wool…if you make it with wool, you can hand-dye your yarn and get a very similar look.

  3. Jessi Says:

    Oh yes, I remember seeing that. Definitely a flattering shape for anyone. Except people with excessively long necks and waists that are too small. Damn giraffes.

    I like that they say it’s very easy too. I had started the minisweater (i should finish it, it’s totally easy) and I imagine the construction is similar. you just keep increasing at the markers, and voila, you have raglan sleeves. I haven’t gotten to the bind off the sleeve part (gotta figure out how to try it on first) but after that, I think you just continue on as if those sleeve things had never happened.

  4. elskermeg Says:

    I love that sweater!

  5. fiberfetish Says:

    I am considering, because I’m a glutton for punishment, spinning my own yarn for this sweater. Worsted-weight, single-ply silk? I can do that. 2000 yards of it? Well, therein lies the challenge, I suppose.

    It’s just such a wonderful sweater! I’m glad you all like it.

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