Ramble Ramble Justification.

It’s been so hot that I’ve been… less than productive lately. This fills me with guilt, but not enough guilt for me to actually DO anything about it.

And, really, I have no excuse! I HAVE air conditioning. In fact, sitting my living room, it can get rather too cold. Alas, this does not encourage me to knit. Or spin.

Although I am making fairly good progress on my Tour de Fleece project. I have one mostly full jumbo bobbin. We’ll see if I make it through the other ball of roving and then manage to successfully ply my two singles together.

In other news, I made the most wonderful noodles yesterday. That was pretty much my only significant accomplishment over the weekend….

You know what? That isn’t true. Because of a licensing agreement at work I have the Adobe Creative Suite 2. So I spent most of the weekend either reading a book about Photoshop or manipulating images in Photoshop.

Man, talk about a learning curve!

And the silly thing is that I really only want to be excellent at Go Live because I have websites to overhaul, people. But to be excellent at Go Live, I need to have content, and to have content I have to have graphics. And, you guessed it, to have graphics, I need to be able to use Photoshop.

Right. I feel better about weekend now.


One Response to “Ramble Ramble Justification.”

  1. Deluxegrrl Says:


    *envies* i’m getting better with my graphics with the GIMP first before I even mention Photoshop ….

    costly, Creative Suites 2 is.

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