A Deep Breath

I’m ripping back the pirate sock again. I had failed to consider how inelastic the fabric would be with the stranded knitting. That means the short row heel, while it LOOKS wonderful, is more of a pain to get over my foot than it otherwise would be. So, I rip. And then I rip and rip and rip some more.

The whole point of doing the short row heel was that I didn’t want the flap part of a toe-up heel flap to be on the bottom of my foot.

Enter the new issue of Knitty. The new pattern for Widdershins is just what I needed to read. Toe-up construction, with a heel flap that goes on the back of the heel instead of the bottom. PERFECT.

This means I can re-vision the whole heel patterning thing.

Even though I’m excited, that’s still close to 40 rows of 80 stitches each that I’ll be ripping out. For the record, 40×80=3200 stitches. It makes me want to weep.

It makes me want to weep so much that last night I could not bear to pick up the pirate socks. Instead, I started on another pattern, Fetching.  It appealed to me because it’s small enough to finish quickly. Since I keep ripping stuff out, I haven’t been finishing anything and that was starting to wear.

One down, one to go. This took under three hours, from start to finish. If I’d gone straight home after work, instead of stopping by the store for yarn and DPNs, I probably would have made progress on the second one as well. Of course, if I hadn’t stopped by the store for yarn and DPNs, I wouldn’t have had the materials I needed….

I like the cabling at the wrist. It produces a nice, dense, velvety feeling fabric. I made these on metal size 5s, which were 3.75mm, instead of the recommended size 6s, which were supposed to be 4.00mm. I have bamboo size 6s, but they are 4.25mm.

DPN sizing drives me nuts.

Because of the needle difference, I think these turned out a little shorter than they might otherwise have. I’m strangely okay with that, because I really needed to just finish something. These little fingerless gloves are my deep breath before diving back into the murky waters of sock design.

Maybe, after I finish these and make some more progress on the sock, I’ll work on something similar to this:

But without the 70s haircut and awful blouse underneath.


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