This whole uterus thing? Not well-designed.

I am tempted to knit Womb from Knitty, just so that I can burn it in effigy.


2 Responses to “This whole uterus thing? Not well-designed.”

  1. diana Says:

    I’m with you on that one, sister!

  2. sarkasmo Says:

    I knit up the womb for my gynecologist. Only, instead of pipe cleaners, I had to use those stiff plastic ties (not bendy) so the ovaries look like they’re being robbed at gunpoint instead of curling around. 

    Glad I’m not the only one who’s ready to burn a project in effigy, too (albeit for different reasons, but yeah). I’m working on a pi shawl, and since lace isn’t pretty until you block it, I can’t tell if the pattern has turned out right. I mean, the stitch count is always dead-on, and I have a foolproof system for making sure I don’t do something stupid like knitting the same round twice, but whenever I look at the shawl it seems like things are crooked.

    If I get done with this thing and it looks like crap, I’m going to line up all my other balls of yarn and make them watch while I torch the Pi. That’ll show em.


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