Stylin’ 70s

A friend of mine gifted me with a stack of vintage fiberwork books and magazines. There’s needlepoint magazines, general fiber magazines (full of knitting and sewing and quilting), knitting and crocheting magazines…. There’s a Better Homes and Gardens encyclopedia type thing.

I’d upload pictures but something wonky is going on with my hosting service…. It may be time to finally switch over to something else.

That said, there are some knits I’d love to attempt, even with the sizing up that would involve. And there are some wonderful needlework patterns that I think would translate well into knitted colorwork.

Oh, the possibilities!


One Response to “Stylin’ 70s”

  1. A - Your Story Says:

    Hey, having a site all about fiber – that’s really creative. The nice medical style photos are… well… impressive.
    I read that you have a degree in creative writing, so I thought that maybe you could help me with a book I’m writing. I really love writing, it’s one of my hobbies, so if you feel like it check out my blog. Oh, and keep up the good fiberish work!

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