I’m Super, Thanks For Asking

The car situation is slowly resolving. I borrowed small amounts of money from many different people and raised what I needed in a day. That blows my mind. The power of online social networks is just astounding.

The car will be fixed in a couple of days (I hope — I’m just waiting on the garage manager to approve me bringing in the part myself to save $150) and then I’ll begin the long process of paying people back.

Last night, I went with friends to see an advanced showing of Superman. It’s incredible.

Superman is so unrelentingly good that he can, I think, as a comic book character get boring pretty quickly. His struggle is external, rather than internal, and given his stats, you can only play with that external struggle for so long before things cross the line into ridiculous.

But the movies…. As a general rule, the movie format has been a perfect canvas for exploring the character and world. This movie is superb because it DOES bring an internal struggle to Superman as he tries to define his place and his role.

Lois Lane looks a little young, but that was my only casting gripe.

Plus, while waiting for the movie to start, I managed to reknit the short-row heel on the pirate sock. Good times.

Maybe I’m just a really slow knitter — it took me almost two hours to do the heel. Granted, I was working on 1s, over 40 stitches (knitting short rows with wrapped stitches until I had 17 unwrapped stitches remaining and then reversing the process), but still. Does that seem slow?

Now that the heel is done (again), I’ll work an inch or so of the back in regular stockinette to give the heel area more visual body, then full steam ahead on the rest of the colorwork patterning! Yay!


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