I hate my car.

I do not have any pictures for you today. I mean, I could put up a picture of the estimate for my car's needed repairs, but that would just depress us all, I think.

My car broke over the weekend. And while it did not break into many different pieces, the piece that DID break is expensive.

This also means I am trapped at home, for the most part. I have rides to and from work, until my car is fixed, but other than that…. I am trying to stay positive and focus on how much time I'll have for art.


I started nine different projects yesterday but was too flustered to make any progress. I also ripped back a lot of the pirate sock. I'm not happy with the stripes at the ankle, so I'm changing things. And, you know, this time I'll make the heel pink. Because now I can. Good times.

See? This is what happens when you read and watch Pollyanna way too many times as a kid. 


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