Knit 1, Black Pearl 2

I'm still mulling over design modifications for the Victoriania socks, so I started swatching last night for the new project. Pirate socks. Pink and yellow sock yarn, how I love you!

It's been forever since I've played with multiple strands of yarn, so I wanted to make sure I could do this whole colorwork thing.

I cast on 14 stitches and tried my hand at some ribbing first, using my metal size 2 DPNs. That's a simple beaded rib, following by four rows of each color to play with striping.

Then the interesting part! I didn't have a pattern for the X so I winged it and I like how it came out. I am DEFINITELY incorporating that into the project. After all, X marks the spot.

THIS is going to be the fun part. *grin* Actually, it's all going to be fun. Can you see the skull and crossbones? I like that it is stealthy — from a distance, it just looks like generic Fair Isle patterning. But when you look more closely? Pirates!

I used the chart from Hello Yarn's pirate hat, though I'm sure the chart for the mittens would work as well. Why reinvent the wheel, or, in this case, the skull and crossbones? It's just a wonderful chart and it reads really cleanly. I've made some changes (of course) to make it a little less busy than the motif on the hat, but the basic skull and crossbones unit is the same.

This is the back of my work. TONS of floats, but most of them are pretty short. There's one area where, because of the changes I made, there is a float of 15 stitches, but I catch that up every four or five stitches and it's totally manageable.

The important thing for me to remember here is keeping my floats relaxed. This knitting is going to have to stretch, so I don't want the floats to bind or prevent the knitting from stretching nicely.

Because pirate socks? Need to fit comfortably.

I swatched on 2s, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be making these on 1s. I'll swatch again, with the 1s, tonight to make sure the fabric won't be TOO dense. I think the 1s will be perfect, though.

I'm also doing these toe-up. I COULD read the chart top-down for the skulls, but I like the idea of doing tall socks (hopefully, knee-high) from the toe on up so that I can more accurately gauge how much yarn I have left. I'll be increasing for the calf-shaping instead of decreasing, so that should make things interesting as well.

Because I'm doing them toe-up, I'm not going to use my beloved heel-flap. Man, I love heel-flaps. But not when they're situated on the bottom of the heel. Plus, my socks tend to wear on the back of the heel, so it's kind of counter-intuitive to me. I mean, yes, you can put heel patterning on the back of the heel whether or not that's where your flap is, but….


I'll be doing short row heels on this pair of socks. Which leads to some interesting design possibilities. I may cop out and just make the toe and heel solid pink on one sock and solid yellow on the other. But maybe I'll go nuts and do something wacky. One never knows.



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