Sat down yesterday and, after what felt like YEARS of stockinette, I finished the Victornia sock (which is what I've decided to call my button-up sock)!

Of course, even when I knit the other one, I won't wind up with a matched pair.

There are some changes I want to make to the design.

Man, are my legs pale!
But see how the ribbing bags a little at the bottom? That's because, while I was super-extra-tremendously careful not to make the top too small, I somehow managed to forget about making sure the ankle didn't come out too big. So, yeah, it's too big. That means fewer sets of ribs all total though, so that's good. Though I'm wondering…. With fewer sets of ribs, will I need to add the short rows to every other rib instead of every fourth rib?

I DO like that it very closely follows the line of my shoe, though. I did four rows of stockinette before I started my heel flap, so I am DEFINITELY keeping that as part of the pattern. I might do another two rows, though I'm worried that would start the ribbing too high up on the leg for it to look right when worn with a shoe.

You can see that it bags a little bit at the back of the ankle as well. So. The next sock will be smaller at the ankle, most definitely. And, looking at this picture, I think an extra two rows of stockinette might help the fit as well. I'll add that to my list of modifications.

All in all, I think it's a pretty attractive sock. Once I get the fine-tuning worked out, maybe I'll offer the pattern up here, or submit it to It might be a different enough approach to socks that they would be interested in it.

Maybe I won't knit the next one in the blue. I was thinking it would be very pretty in a nice bright Chinese red…. With some black jet buttons….

Who knew socks for plus-sized legs were going to be so challenging?


4 Responses to “Prototyping”

  1. Whitney Says:

    These are cute! They’d look great in some Mary Janes. I think they’d be cool to submit to Knitty, they’re definitely unique enough. There’s always Magknits too. Are you going to make the pattern for non-plus-sized girls too?

  2. fiberfetish Says:

    Thank you!

    The idea is to make the pattern easy to customize so that people of ANY leg size and calf-to-ankle ratio can make them! We’ll see how that works out. *grin*

  3. Lisa Says:

    nice sock – the buttons are a really nice touch. but i don’t think you can submit a pattern if you’ve blogged about it… you should check with the submissions requirements on knitty and magknits. i think its kind of a dumb rule since a lot of times you use the feedback from readers to tweak the pattern, but thems the rules!!

  4. fiberfetish Says:

    Good to know, Lisa! Thank you!

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