No Loyalty Among Yarn

I was going to finish the Victoriania button-up sock over the weekend. I meant to do it, honest. But I had to hang out with my friends and play with my cat. And I was going to work on it this week but I just didn't have the proper energy for it. And then I was going to work on it last night, but there were video games that needed playing. 

And now, I have more yarn. Yarn about which I am excited. Yarn that I didn't expect to arrive until after I had completed the Victoriania sock.

It's here, it's in my hands, and I want to start a new project. But I can't. Because if I do? I'll never finish those other socks. That's the trouble with me and knitting – well, anything, really. I start something because it's a challenge. And then I get past the challenging part and I am far less inclined to do any work on it. And so I turn to some new challenge.

My new project? It's going to be a challenge. In fact, it's entirely possible that it's going to be a nightmare and devolve into me crying into fistfuls of tangled yarn and broken needles. We'll see.

But before I let myself begin, I am DETERMINED to finish that one sock. And to cast on for the second one. I am okay with not finishing the second sock as long as I cast on for it. That means it will be finished at some point, because I will need those needles again and I refuse to just pull projects off the needles.

Ugh. Self-discipline is hard and unpleasant.

And, I mean, just look at how delicious these colors are!

I already know what I'm going to call this project.

Pirates of the Caribbean Cruise Lines.

But first I have to finish that one blasted sock! 


One Response to “No Loyalty Among Yarn”

  1. Whitney Says:

    Wow, thanks for such a well thought out comment! I agree that just because you got a certain vibe from the post doesn’t mean you should stop reading Eunny’s blog. I have no problem with disagreement, I disagree with a lot of people all the time. Usually, I just don’t think it’s worthwhile to tell a blogger if I disagree with something they say, mostly because people are so unpredicatable and communication over the Internet isn’t always easy. Things are easily misread, people take things too seriously…That doesn’t mean I won’t post constructive criticism or respectfully disagree with someone’s opinion, it just bothers me when it gets snarky and goes beyond the scope of the original arguement/discussion. Being mean for the sake of being mean is what bothers me. One can easily say what they want to say without making it sound excessively bitchy. Plus, if 50 people before you have posted saying basically the same thing, you’re just kind of adding fuel to the fire.

    I don’t know what my point is exactly…I guess there’s a fine line between drama and good conversation and sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which. I just think getting overly worked up about a blog post is a waste of time and probably bad for your heart 🙂 Say what you want to say, but don’t turn it into a snark match, you know?

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