Wood I, Should I?

I have an Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel. It’s small, and it’s definitely a starter wheel. I have a couple of kits that expand its capabilities, but I know that some day soonish I’ll buy something… MORE.

But in the meantime, I love my Kiwi. When it first arrived, I put it together in a frenzy of “OMG, must get this put together NOW!” Which means I never stained it or sealed it or anything like that.

That hasn’t been a problem. But everytime I spin, I look at the plain wood and the MDF of the wheel and I think about what I OUGHT to do. How I OUGHT to go get some wood stain and some varnish and make it all nice and polished and spinning wheelish.

The problem is that I rarely feel like doing what I OUGHT.

I’ve noticed I have this really rebellious streak. If I feel obligated to do something, there is nothing I want to do less than that thing. And, for some reason, I feel obligated to make my spinning wheel a piece of furniture.

Look, the Kiwi and its assorted bits and bobbles (and bobbins) cost me about $300. Yes, that’s still quite a lot of money to me. But does spending that money mean I have to make it look like a family heirloom of a spinning wheel? Does that really mean I’m required to make this thing look like something that came from my grandfather’s carpentry shop?


To that end, once I’d dithered and waffled and whatnot, I started painting my bobbins. I want to pull together a more coherent theme for the wheel itself and I probably won’t be using paint markers (they are USEFUL but not over such large areas all at once), but the bobbins? They were fair game for color! For experimentation! And I love them. Though the black one is going to need another coat of paint marker. And maybe some sparkles…. The gold one turned out quite nice though.


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