Down in the… Non-Doldrums

I'm not depressed, not exactly. And it was, for the most part, an awesome weekend spent in the company of wonderful friends. But yesterday, when I finally had time and opportunity to sit down with my spinning or my knitting or any of my art….

The feeling just wasn't there.

I'm starting to think of it as creative burn-out. Which, on the one hand, seems obvious. On the other, it seems outlandish to apply the label of "art" to anything I make.

This is a pretty standard debate for me. I think it's worsened because I do so many DIFFERENT things. I think, as much as I hate to admit it, that I'm more of an artistic dilettante than an actual artist.

Of course, this could just be a further manifestation of my general refusal to value the things I make.

And this whole internal debate? DEFINITE proof that I've had way too much therapy.

Tonight will be different than yesterday. I will do… more.


2 Responses to “Down in the… Non-Doldrums”

  1. Anne Says:

    I. Totally. Get. This.

    I haven’t knit since… oh… Wednesday? Which is VERY odd for me. Everything has been very oganizational and administrative as of late, and I’ve had no time or inclination even to pick up the needles.

    I did order a set of dpns. And I’m making progress on a spinning wheel. And my yarn is totally organized like, whoa. All things that needed to happen. But I think all the official business of my yarn crafts has sapped my creative energy.

  2. fiberfetish Says:

    There’s this podcast I listen to via iTunes, called “The Accidental Creative,” and this guy talks a lot about cycles of creativity and how to be more efficient at the business stuff without sacrificing creative stuff. It’s really pretty awesome.

    My supplies…. Not so much with the organized. I’m working on it slowly, though. Honest, I really am!

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