The Waiting Place

I won't get the shawl back until Thursday night. And so here I am, impatient and a victim of my own distaste for blocking. If I had blocked it myself, I keep muttering, I'd be done with it by now. It would be dry and lovely and photographed and wrapped up fro Granny June. But no, I had to take it to someone else.

Honestly, if I'd kept the thing, I don't know if it would have ever gotten blocked. So I've no real reason to complain.

I love my job. But right now, in addition to waiting for Thursday, I'm waiting for the day to end. I've turned the heel on my ridiculous faux-Victorian sock and I want, with a deep and wanting want, to work on the gusset and then the foot and then the toe and then the finishing….

*deep breath*

But, seriously, I really like how it is coming along. I added the buttons on Sunday, while waiting for a flat tire to be repaired. It's turning out exactly as I envisioned it.

I actually knitted button holes — which I know isn't really big deal, but working out the math was a little challenging for me. I'm usually much more freeform about the process.

For some reason it just seemed very important that the buttons function, instead of being merely decorative. I don't forsee actually unbuttoning and rebuttoning these socks every time I put them on and take them off, but it's nice to have the option. My short row shaping at the top of the sock really made a difference in fit as well. These socks are so comfy, at least when I slip them on for size…. I tried taking a picture of the heel flap, but I can't get a good closeup of the texture. I'll be working the toe in the same fashion, and the foot plain.

I am so looking forward to Knitting Time!


3 Responses to “The Waiting Place”

  1. Anne Says:

    That sock is so amazing!!

    I can’t believe that you put the buttons on before it was even done. You are such a striver!

  2. fiberfetish Says:

    I was so excited about the buttons! OF COURSE they went on immediately! *grin* Plus, in all honesty, I had to make sure the button holes all worked properly.

  3. fiberfetish Says:

    And also thank you! I hope it turns out as well as I want it to.

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