I will never finish them all.


I have tons of them. Things I want to make, books I want to read, skills I want to learn.

But there aren’t enough hours in the day. If I could just not sleep, I’d have more time, but I’d also, you know, be crazy from sleep deprivation.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been obsessively knitting on the same project all week. I don’t want it to fall into the black hole of unfinished projects.

See, on Saturday (May 14th) there was a sale at ye olde local yarn shoppe. That’s not the store’s name. Of course I bought yarn, and had a project in mind for it. The problem was that the project, a shawl for my perpetually cold grandmother, actually called for a completely different sort of yarn. I mean, what was I thinking? There’s no way my conservative grandmother is going to wear Lux Mohair in a colorway that moves from turqouise to purple to blue and back.

So I bought more yarn. Cream yarn. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I bought five balls of yarn from Jo-Ann’s (Experience the Creativity!). I try to be all “acrylic isn’t bad, it’s just DIFFERENT” but what I really mean is, “acrylic isn’t bad as long as I don’t have to use it!” Seriously, the yarn I got is nice. A wool/cotton blend, and the knitted swatch they have has held up to a lot of touching over the months that I’ve been fondling it.


I know I’m not the only person who touches those things, so hush.

So, with five balls of yarn in hand, I started knitting. A wandering leaves sort of pattern. It goes by many names, I’m sure. And then I kept knitting. And kept knitting. And kept knitting.

It’s been a week. It’s over five feet long now, and last night I went to the store for another ball of yarn. Yes, I made sure the dyelots matched. It was going to be done. It was going to be finished. But no, I had to be all “It has to be long and snuggly and warm for my grandmother!”

The pattern is very pretty. But it’s killing me with its mindnumbing repetitions. And if I don’t finish it soon? Into the black hole it will go and my grandmother will continue to wear windbreakers around her own house because she’s freezing.

Just one more ball to go. That’s not so much, is it?


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